Friday, April 29, 2011

Smedley Allied Health High Youth Court Luncheon Invitation

Invitation from Swarthmore College Student Shilpa Boppana:

…I'm the leader of a group of Swarthmore students who has been working with students in the Smedley Allied Health High Youth Court program. We have been visiting the students' classroom since September of last year, working with them on their public speaking, writing, critical thinking, and other skills… 

 We are having a luncheon on Saturday, April 30th from 12-1 pm at the Chester Student Center (at 9th and Kerlin, across the road from the Sunoco gas station) to honor the Youth Court students' service to their school and their roles as the founding members of their Youth Court program. We are hoping to have the students' family members there as well as teachers, school administrators, CUSD administrators, and community leaders present to support the students and see them recognized for their hard work...These students in the Youth Court program have done a fantastic job so far, and we hope to encourage them to continue!

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