Friday, April 29, 2011

Toby Farms and CUSA students learn about Finances

I was just amazed by this story. I guess you are never too young to learn about money but this much information. Wow! I am impressed. Where do I sign up for these sessions…
Here is the report from John Kopp at delcotimes:
Rick Salameda a branch manager for the Citibank in Media, stopped by Toby Farms Elementary School as part of National Financial Literacy Month. Citibank officials also hosted sessions at Chester Upland School of the Arts.
“It was fun,” student Niajera Carter said. “We have other visitors come in to talk to us. It was interesting that somebody came from the bank.”

Salameda presented a lesson that discussed savings accounts, checking accounts, certificate of deposits and interest.
Salameda then fielded questions from the students, which led to conversations about mortgages, counterfeit money, savings bonds and credit and debit cards.

The students also wanted to the value of a gold bar, how the bank keeps track of the money in one’s account and whether fourth graders could gain credit cards.

When Salameda informed the class that a person must be 18 years old to sign up for a credit card, the students, naturally, expressed their disappointment.
For complete details on this story go to:
Toby Farms students learn about finances (With Video)


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