Saturday, April 30, 2016

Beyond Education: A Blueprint documentary with Chester Upland Students

“Beyond Education: Seeking A Brighter Future” is a documentary created by the Blueprint Program a collaborative with Swarthmore students and Chester Upland students. More about Blueprint here

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Changing Perception Film Screening: A Swarthmore College Blueprint Program with Chester Upland Students

Chester Upland Student Filmmakers from the Blueprint Program at Swarthmore College

A film screening of Chester Upland School District students’ films was held at the Swarthmore College Lang Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, April 26, 2016. The Blueprint program has partnered with the district for about 10 years helping students to learn filming and editing of films. This semester 40 Chester Upland students from Chester High School, STEM, and Cardinal O’Hara teamed up with instructor Roseann Liu and Swarthmore students to produce a series of short films changing common perceptions of Chester’s community, its school, and its youth. The students trained for 2 days per week and some Saturdays since January. 

From the event description: “What comes to mind when you think of Chester? Urban blight? A school district on life support? These perceptions, at best, only tell a partial story of what Chester is about.” The student filmmakers tried to challenge popular perceptions of Chester by telling their own stories, from their own perspectives through film. “But these films also explore Chester students’ own changing perceptions of themselves, their peers, their community, and their life trajectories.” A very engaging audience viewed, “Dear Chester…”, “Chester: What Brings Us Together”, “Beyond Education: Seeking A Brighter Future”, and “It’s Not So Bad After All.”

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Chester Children's Chorus-I Still Can't Breathe Lyrics

Requested Lyrics with video, Youtube

I Still Can’t Breathe

Can you hear me?  I still can’t breathe.
Can you hear me?  I still can’t breathe.

When you see me walking down the street, why are you afraid of me?
I’m the one who ought to run to a place where I’d be free.
You taught me how to sing your song, “Sweet land of liberty.”
I smiled and gave the world the blues.  Why are you afraid of me?

Can you hear me?  I still can’t breathe.
Can you hear me?  I still can’t breathe.

My tears are just like yours, but they last a little longer.
My fears are just like yours, but they’re so much stronger.
My love, my love is just like yours.  In the One we both believe.
If you watched your children disappear, would you find it hard to breathe?

I gave you such sweet poetry; gave you your Renaissance.
I gave America its music; taught you how to dance.
I fought for you, I died for you; helped make the whole world free.
When you see me walking down the street, why are you afraid of me?

Can you hear me?  I still can’t breathe.
Can you hear me?  I still can’t breathe.
          I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.....

The video has to undergo some minor modifications because of content. We had some national interest in the video and now must do these edits to push it forward. Once we have it straightened out, the link you have will work. Unfortunately, it could be several weeks until it is fixed. We'll keep you posted. Kirsten Halker-Kratz, Executive Director, CCC

Sports Legends of Delaware County Museum Grand Opening

The Grand Opening of the Sports Legends of Delaware County museum will be held May 7, 2016 starting at 11 am in the Radnor Township Municipal Building 301 Iven Avenue, Radnor, Pa. The museum opening is sponsored by Destination Delco. Delaware County's Brandywine Conference and Visitors Bureau's Executive Director Tore Fiore is proud to announce that listed below are some of the sports personalities that will be in attendance:
1.  Al Atkinson, Villanova University, NFL Football player
2.  Jane Barkman, Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer
3.  Dan Connor, Penn State, NFL Football player
4.  Dr. Eddie Coyle, Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Weight Lifter
5.  Joe Crawford, National Basketball Association Referee 
6.  Don DiJulia, Saint Joseph University Director of Athletics
7.  Brent Hagwood, Pro Basketball player, Europe and South America
8.  Charlene Morett, Olympic Medal winner and Penn State Field Hockey Coach
9.  Mike Picciotti, Professional Boxer
10. Bob Rigby, Professional Soccer player
11. Mares Stellfox, Professional Race Car Driver
12. George Sydnor, Two-Time World Record Holder in the 60-Yard Dash Villanova University
13. Rich Westcott, Delco most prolific sports writer 

For more information, contact Jim Vankoski at 610-909-4919 or visit