Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Anthony Davis 2010 Season Highlights

Anthony Davis is the 1st Team All-Delco Wide Receiver for Chester High School. He is one of 2 Best Wide Receivers in Delaware County. He was honored yesterday with 4 others players from Chester at the All-Delco Banquet.

Watch this 2010 highlight video of #3.


Monday, November 29, 2010

All-Delco Football Banquet

The All-Delco Football Banquet was held tonight at the Heritage Ballrooms on MacDade Blvd. in Holmes. The banquet was held in recognition of all the top players in Delaware County. The cream of the crop was honored tonight: Pictured from right to left are Coach Charles Crews, Martin Turner MVP for Defensive Back, Evon Hyles Team MVP Line Backer, Da’Ryn Harris Team MVP Line Backer, Anthony Davis 1st Team All-Delco Wide Receiver, and Maurice Nelson Team MVP Defensive Back from Chester High School. The football players will be participating in the Hero Bowl in May. Coach Crews said, “This is an exciting time for all boys to be recognized for all their hard work”.  

Chester’s record is identical to last year's (4 wins-6 losses). However, Crews said, “The change was in attitude, effort, appearance, and sportsmanship. Those variables are difficult measure in numbers, but it was so evident in person. The team last year was actually more talented, so for us to equal their output is a huge step in the right direction!” 

Congratulations guys! Great accomplishment! Thanks for sharing your good news with us.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Editorial on CU and DCCC Deal

In an editorial written in the delcotimes.com, it was reported that Chester City and Chester Upland School District officials signed an agreement to “use 1 percent of revenue from table games at Harrah’s to allow the school district to become a sponsoring district for Delaware County Community College.” This means that students from the Chester area, including Chester Township and Upland Borough, cost to attend DCCC will cut in half from $194 to $97 per credit course. The editorial further reports, “It’s a win-win situation…this program has put a college education in reach for a lot of kids who otherwise would be shut out of the system.”

Good news on the college front.

Click this link to view the full story:


This email was sent to me. I would like to share it with you just for motivation. If you think you can’t do it, this young man proves you can.

This is a clip from the 2010 graduation of Atlanta's Booker T. Washington High School, which had the first African American male Valedictorian in over 10 years.

(You might want to get something to wipe your eyes....This video will make you proud!)
The words of this young man are worth repeating over and over again to our youth. Thanks to the person who shared this video with me. 

Now please share this good news!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day with Chester Schools at the Salvation Army

Rose Robinson

Felecia Laury and Farela Howie

Student Volunteers

Student Volunteers

This Thanksgiving morning I spent some time at the Salvation Army with Chester Schools. Mrs. Rose Robinson, teacher and Interact of the Rotary Club, with her students from Smedley Allied Health High School (Principal Angela Thompson) volunteered at the Salvation Army. Also participating, Edith Hilton adviser to the students from the Rotary Club of Chester; Joe Saunders from the Rotary Club; Shiloh Baptist Church; Jose Santiago, Captain of the Salvation Army who supervised the event; Careaf Henson, President of the Rotary Interact at Smedley; and Barbara McKinney former President of the Rotary Club at Chester High School and Current President at of the Rotaract at Widener University.

Rose Robinson said students were at the Salvation Army in Chester today from 8:00 am-1:00 pm to help prepare and serve Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless. Forty students came to help. Edith Hilton said the event was started through the Rotary Club 4 years ago. Students get the experience talking with the homeless and serving them dinner. Barbara McKinney from Widener University along with the School of Hospitality helped to cook and prepare the meals. She has served in the Rotary Club for 6 years. She started in her sophomore year at Chester High School and continued at Widener University. She will be graduating in the spring. She believes in the work the Rotary is doing. She said, “I benefit by helping others”.

Chester schools at work serving in the community on this Thanksgiving Day. Good news! Great Job! Happy Thanksgiving!

Superintendent’s Message for Thanksgiving

In an open message from Teaching for Success: Mind, Body, and Spirit, Fall Issue, volume 2 to the community, Dr. Joyce Wells, Acting Superintendent of Chester Upland School District, sends out her Thanksgiving greetings. “As we celebrate this season of giving, join us as we take a moment to give thanks and celebrate our accomplishments.”

She expresses thanks for the following 10 accomplishments in the District and thanks the community for their support:

The attendance rate for students and teachers which are at a national level of 90%

Parents who attended the Parent Summit and other District events

27 students who are recognized for high honors from the School Board of Directors

Pre-College credits from Eastern and Widener Universities for the high school students

Partnership and reduced tuition rates from Delaware County Community College

Community partners who care and continue to add resources to the schools

Staff who mentor students and help them achieve excellence

Travel opportunities through District sponsored field trips for all students

Annual Yearly Progress for Stetser Elementary School, Toby Farms Elementary School, and   CU School of the Arts

All of the children and families of Chester Upland

She concluded by saying she encourages us to reflect on things we are personally thankful for and for us to remember the less fortunate people of Haiti, Africa, and New Orleans.
And “Have a great holiday!”