Sunday, November 29, 2015

Must Fight Boxing Club Boxing Extravaganza

Left to right: Must Fight Boxing Club Gym Owner Dan Mullarkey, Organizer Jim Vankoski of the Mickey Vernon Sports Museum, Boxing Trainer Phil Chedook, and Actor Chris Ellison who played a referee in the movie CREED
Saturday November 28, 2015, boxing event at the Must Fight Boxing Club in Chester, PA: File this one under “No way, get outta here!” When I planned to attend the boxing extravaganza at the Must Fight Boxing Club, I had no idea I would run into relatives and that one of them was a boxer. Nice surprise. In the five bouts, first up was Ed Brown AKA “Down town Eddie Brown” 6’0 185lbs Chester, PA vs. Chris Liccone 5’9 170lbs Morrisville, PA. Not a bad job by both boxers. You can see this on video Here. The second bout included Chester High School senior Quadir Albright vs. David Calabro which can also be seen by video clip Here. Other bouts featured: Bout 3, Julous Duncon vs. Dave Finilli; Bout 4, Antonio Tabitia vs. Dave Bonovia; and Bout 5, Dan Mullarkey vs. Gregory Jackson. These bouts were in honor of the latest Rocky movie, CREED, which opened for Thanksgiving. I think Sylvester Stallone should have had his movie premiere here since the gym was used in the movie. Former boxer Chris Ellison who played a referee in the CREED movie did attend this event. “All net proceeds provide help for young people to develop skills necessary to participate in Golden Gloves of America boxing tournaments.” 
Announcer Dave Burman with Brenda
(From Dave) Among our great sponsors....Burmans Medical Supplies, INC, Rocky Balboa Knockout Sponsor in Memory of my grandfather, Professional Boxer Bobby Burman, Apollo Creed Knockout Sponsor, Wisconsin men's basketball coach Bo Ryan...In memory of his Namesake Bobo Olson.

Young Dan Mullarkey vs. Gregory Jackson in Bout 5

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mayor's Annual Senior Holiday Banquet

Update from the City
We regret to inform you, that the Annual Mayor's Senior Luncheon has been canceled. 
As always, we wish you a safe and prosperous holiday season!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ever Wonder How Much Your Sports Memorabilia is Worth?

Creed and Rocky Art Contest

Click on information to read further details
Portrait coloring contest
Sponsored by Art on Avenue of the States Gallery
504 Avenue of the States, Chester, PA
Contest open to third, fourth, & fifth graders
Submit entries by November 28, 2015
First, Second, & Third place finishers will be announced December 16, 2015