Monday, January 31, 2011

Science Fair at Science and Discovery

The Science Fair was held at the Science and Discovery High School in Chester this evening. The event was open to the community and the turnout was great. Superintendent Dr. Joyce Wells was there to acknowledge the event and to greet the community. Also at the event was the Assistant Superintendent Dexter Davis, Principal Michael Adamek who is the Principal of Science and Discovery, Science Teachers from across the district, and students and parents. 

On display were all the winning science projects from all 9 schools which participated in the Science Fair. One of the Judges Dr. Rachel Foster announced the winners which will be moving on to Delaware County Intermediate Unit (DCIU) March 7, 2011 for the next level of the Science Fair.  

Smedley Allied Health High School: First Place at the school
Creating Biospheres: Is life sustainable outside planet Earth by 10th grade students Danielle Loper and Ameyra Brodie
Supervising Life Science Teacher: Karen Jason
Parents Dionne Loper and Kim Brodie said they were proud parents there to support their children.

Chester High School: First Place at the school
Water Quality: A Comparative of water quality monitoring tests at Chester Creek and Ridley Creek by 12th grade students Shalenee Nunez, Katya Richie, and Havana Dixon
Supervising Chemistry Teacher: Dr. Delores Wright

Chester High School: Second Place at the school
Eggs-citing 2 by 11th grade students Anthony Reed and Tyler Ballard.
Supervising Biology Teacher Mary Tucker 

Chester High School: Second Place at the school
Dominant Side of the Brain by11th grade student Amanda Outterbridge
Supervising Biology Teacher Namita Mazumdar 

Science and Discovery:  Acid Rain (sorry no further information or picture on this project)

Toby Farms: 
Fruit Battery Power: To demonstrate how electrical current can be generated using citrus fruit that is strong enough to power a small light bulb by 8th grade students Teirah Taylor, NyJah Wilcox, and Leah Evans
Supervising Science Teacher Ms. Steinbeck

Toby Farms:
Dog Training: Will one of the most intelligent dog breeds train faster than the Terrier? (To determine which breed of small dogs will learn tricks faster)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chester Clippers Football Banquet

Chester Clippers Football Team
John Biggins 1954 Graduate & 2008 Chester Football Hall of Fame Inductee with Coach Chuck Crews

The Chester Football Banquet took place this afternoon at Chester High School. Last time I was with the team was at the All Delco Banquet in November. They were one of my first stories. A matter of fact, they top the record on the blog as the most viewed.

The banquet was attended by Mayor Butler, Superintendent Dr. Wells, Principal Dr. Hammond, Associate Principal Hargrow, Coaches, teachers, parents, the community, and past and present members of the Clipper team. Also represented was Local Union 413 which donated team jackets. The Keynote Speaker was Brian Dozier, former football player at Chester High School and Penn State University graduate. His speech focused on the student athletes in the room. His speech covered these four topics: (1.) Proceed as if someone is watching; (2.) Listen to a lot and take in what is relevant; (3.) Become and remain coachable; and (4.) Education. He also spoke about a mentoring program that is being considered involving former football players and current players. Current players would benefit from the experiences of players who previously played for the district.

These Clippers football players were recognized:

Outstanding Players: Anthony Davis, Evon Hyles, and Da’Ryn Harris

Academic Achievement: Sophomore Kameron Staples, Junior Brandon Patterson, and Senior Evon Hyles

Most Improved: Darrell Nicholson 

Iron Men: Da'Ryn Harris and Devon Emmertz

Clipper Spirit Award: Martin Turner

Defensive MVP: Evon Hyles

Offensive MVP: Anthony Davis

Team MVP: Da’Ryn Harris

4 Year Participant Awards: Da’Ryn Harris, Evon Hyles, Shaun Willis, Anthony Davis, and Shaquille Bradshaw

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good News in Chester Schools Stats

While schools are shut down by the snow, I figured this is a good time to share the statistics from the blog since it started in November. So here is the report about the stats:

Postings: 67

All Time Views: 2089

Top 10 Page Views

All-Delco Football Banquet: 78 Page Views
Nov 29, 2010, 12 comments

Wanda Sykes in Annie: 66 Page Views
Dec 12, 2010
Chester vs. Penn Wood: 55 Page Views
Jan 7, 2011, 11 comments
CUSA: Chester Upland School of the Arts: 48 Page Views
Dec 17, 2010, 4 comments

Coat Drive at Chester High School: 44 Page Views
Dec 4, 2010, 8 comments
Xinos Christmas Party: 40 Page Views
Dec 19, 2010, 2 comments
Family Festival Holiday Bazaar at the YWCA: 39 Page Views
Dec 4, 2010, 12 comments
Martin Luther King, Jr. Events: 39 Page Views
Jan 12, 2011, 2 comments
"We Shall Overcome" - Martin Luther King, Jr.: 36 Page Views
Jan 15, 2011   
Xinos Calendar Girl Ball: 34 Page Views
Dec 26, 2010

Audience: Who is viewing/reading
United States
 (All 50 states): 1,894
:     67
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:            5
:          5

I don’t know who all these people are viewing this blog. I hope they have some connection to the Chester Area and want to know what good news is going on.  I do know I have friends from states like New York, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Delaware viewing the blog. Maybe they have spread the word to their friends and families who have ties to the Chester area. It is important to note that the blog reaches outside the channel 11 local viewing area. People are able to view the good news about Chester schools not only locally but around the world.        


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Real School for the Real World

The Delaware County Technical High Schools (DCTS) visited with 10 graders at Chester High School today. Representatives of the school came to explain their career programs with students. They shared a video of all the programs the school offers. Students were allowed the opportunity to ask questions and to take a course catalog with them for consideration. They even came with a giveaway prize. One lucky student received a digital camera for attending the information session. Congrats again Kenya!

DCTS offers four main Clusters: Construction, Health & Human Services, Power & Transportation, and Technology. Under these clusters, students can get training in

Building Trades, Carpentry, Residential Electricity, Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning- Refrigeration (HVAC), and Landscape Design and Greenhouse Operations

Health & Human Services:
Cosmetology, Culinary Arts and Hospitality, Early Childhood Education, Emergency and Protective Services, Health Occupations, and Medical Careers

Power & Transportation:
Automotive Technology, Collision Repair Technology, and Materials and Inventory Control

Advertising Design and Commercial Art, Pre-Engineering, Computer Networking & Digital Forensics, and Composite Fabrication & Sheet Metal Assembly

I have previously toured the Aston site. Students get hands on training on equipments used in the real world. The school offers a variety of programs that fits everyone’s needs. Students spend half day at their regular school and half day at DCTS. Programs come with certification. Students get practical experiences through job shadowing and internships. Some programs offer college credits and opportunity for scholarships to attend area colleges and universities.

For further information go to:

Loving Me Workshops

Boys & Girls Club of Chester is having a:

Loving Me Workshops
Empowering Middle & High School Girls to
Love, Honor, & Respect Themselves

Every Monday
At 201 East 7th Street
Chester, PA 19013
February 7th – April 25th
5:30 – 7:00


Self Confidence
Body Image
Choosing Abstinence
Goal Setting
Beauty Within
& Much, Much More!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The Boys & Girls Club of Chester


UP FROM THE PAST 1619-2009
A Black History Play

Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 4:00 PM
201 East 7th Street
Chester, PA 19013

Free Admission

Special Thanks to: 
James A. Bryan, Writer/Producer
     Larry L. Yarbray, Executive Director