Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chester High School New Football Program 2014

New Football Coach Tony Beaty, Assistant Coach Ben Johnson with Chester High School Football Team and new recruits (dsbpix)

Chester Clippers Football will have some new additions for the 2014 season. The team will have a new football coach and new assistant coaches. Tony Beaty will head the new football program. As Coach Beaty will tell you, “It’s no longer a team, it’s a program.” In the locker room, Coach Beaty spoke to 72 current football players and new recruits, who had not given up on Chester football, ready to give the new program a try. Beaty said last year 47 boys showed up for the team. He likes the higher numbers because it gives more boys a chance to play. He devoted most of his talk to players about the importance of attendance, being a good student, and playing football the right way. Players only get 3 absences from now to August. Beaty expects players to show up for practice and to be committed to the program. He expects good behavior from his players in school. And he definitely expects to improve on the 2 and 8 stats from last season as you will hear him say in the video. Beaty also introduced assistant Coach Ben Johnson to the group. Coach Johnson will be the only assistant coach to have worked with the previous coaching staff 2 years ago. All other assistant coaches will be new to the program. 

Team Parent Ed Nelson, Sr., whose son Ed Nelson, Jr. plays for the team, said he, “Expect a new attitude for Chester Football team. Put the Chester Pride back in the city.” One important change they want to make is to put lights at the A field. “The Superintendent promise lights this year to play on Friday nights and bring revenue back to the football program.” 

Players are looking forward to the new football program. One player said they want to play Friday night lights games. They believe they haven’t been winning games because they run the same plays all the time which all the teams know. They became predictable. The plays were obvious said another player. And others went on to say, “There was no communications on defense.” “Players were focused on individual stats, not playing as a unit.” “All I heard was, ‘What I did in the game.’” “Players didn’t respect some coaches.” But I did not hear any negative word from anyone about their previous coach, Chuck Crews. Team Parent Ed Nelson, Sr.  said, “Crews is a great person. He put kids in college.” Players said they are ready to work hard and play as a team. A player said with assurance, “We are going to win this year!” After the meeting, on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at about 3:30pm, players hit the weights and began practice. Chester High School new football program started.

Watch the video below.

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