Monday, February 12, 2018

Philadelphia Eagles Donate $10,000 to Chester High School’s Football Organization

By: Jaquane Lee

Chester High School received a $10,000 donation to improve the school’s football organization. A community representative of the Philadelphia Eagles sought to donate extra equipment for the Chester High School’s football team, to which Chester High’s Coach Bell responded. The Eagles went to the high school for a visit, during which they went over the exercise equipment and resolved to help improve the workout room. A group of students took a tour of the Town Novacare Facility including Jalil Seals, Khalid Watkins, and DaShawn Miller where they met Eagles players and learned about their practice routines.

The students additionally met Wide Receiver Tory Smith. The partnership between the High School and the Eagles is expected to eventually improve the school’s weight room and football team. Helmets and other gears will also be donated. The donations may also extend to the school itself. Congratulations to the Eagles for their super bowl win! 

*Articles obtained from CHS Clippers News with permission from Journalism Instructor Susan Thomas. Articles were written by student reporters.