Thursday, February 8, 2018

Widener University School of Engineering Mini Camp’s Photos

Tower Building
Information provided by the School of Engineering

Energy Conversion Lab

The photos are from this weekend’s engineering girls mini-camp hosted by the Widener School of Engineering and the Society of Women Engineers. This fun and well attended event welcomed over 200 high school girls, including many Chester residents, to the Widener campus. The students participated in a variety of hands-on lab activities to learn about some of the technology areas in which engineers work. The event also brought students together with practicing engineers and female engineering students. 

 Electric-Powered Lego Cars

These photos show students participating in the following lab activities: the biomechanics of gait, tower building, electric powered LEGO cars, wind tunnels, robotics, and energy conversion.

 Robotics Lab

Biomechanics Gait

Wind Tunnel Lab