Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chester vs. Lower Merion

An excited fan as Clippers scored (dsbpix)

Chester Clippers Boys Basketball team won over Lower Merion in a very close call near the end of the game at Villanova University Friday night. This game makes the 53rd straight wins for the Clippers. For me it was the classic game played by the Clippers. Clippers were up 17 to 9 in the first quarter; Then 26 to 16 in the second quarter. By the third quarter Clippers still had a comfortable lead of 43 to 31. I was not worried. But in the final quarter, Clippers sent my heart racing. Lower Merion was gaining control of the game. The scores narrowed within 5 points, 55-50. Oh, no. Too close for me. The game reminded me of the State Championship game last year which was a nail biter. OMG! I am so glad they won 61 to 53.

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