Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day

Columbus (from tooter4kids)

Most of us would agree that Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. But not a lot of us agree that he discovered the Americas because the natives were already here. The Americas, of course, includes North and South America, and the Caribbean Island. Yes, Columbus got way off course on his way to China and ended up in the Bahamas. He mistakenly thought he was in East India and called the people Indians. So the name Indian stuck to this day. Although, it is politically correct to say Native Americans. 

Well, lost or not, Columbus made a big discovery and opened up the Americas to the Europeans and Africans by way of force. Columbus is credited for the discovery and some of us get the day off in the U.S because it’s a federal holiday. My first break since August but I’m sitting here at the car dealer getting a brake job and an oil change. Brakes are on sale.

Columbus Day is a busy chore day for me but there are some really great sales out there. If you have the day off, go out and enjoy those sales. It sure is cold enough to buy some new sweaters. 

The official day is the 12th of October.

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