Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bond, James Bond

A very young Sean Connery, autograph picture on sale at eBay for only $500

Sean Connery is my favorite James Bond. He was so cool when he said those now famous words, “Bond, James Bond.” Seven actors have played James Bond but Sean Connery is the best of all of the 007s. The James Bond franchise is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. The movies are inspired by novels written by Ian Fleming. I have seen most of the James Bond movies via TV. Some Bond movies are better than others. “Skyfall” will be the 23rd in the movie series to be release later this month. “Skyfall” actor is Daniel Craig who has been playing the role since 2006. He was born in Chester, Cheshire, England. While I wait for “Skyfall” to hit TV, I will check Craig out on Saturday Night Live tonight.