Friday, June 29, 2012

Facing more changes on Facebook

Every time I seem to log on to Facebook, I see some kind of decision I have to make about application when all I want to do is post my information and move on. When I first joined Facebook about three years ago, hard to believe it has been that long, I was apprehensive about joining. I was only trying to get in touch with one lone friend which ended up being pointless. Once I joined, I was like a kid with a new toy, sharing TMI. Now it’s just becoming too complicated and boring. And then there was that situation with the stocks, LOL. 

I don’t know how people get the thousands of friends that they do and actually know these people. I have little over 100 on my regular page and I probably know or have met a quarter of that number. Now no one I actually know, even a few family members, post on a regular basis. They just pop on to post their status or share a few pictures. Then there are others who are on constantly, SMH!

I have found that I don’t need to post on my regular page anymore. My readers know how to find my blog anyway. I can open the blog on my phone and read it. For the few readers and supporters who like my Facebook blog page, I will continue to post stories for their convenience. I will continue to monitor my page so I am not completely done with it. But I have definitely grown out of it. Yes, I am over it.

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