Monday, October 8, 2012

Big Bird

Oh, no not Big Bird

Much like President Obama, I had a delayed reaction to what Mitt Romney said in the debates about Big Bird. I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing. Get rid of Big Bird! Why…? (Do you remember Nancy Kerrigan’s piercing cry when she got hit with a sledgehammer?) 

I am so glad that Big Bird made his appearance on Saturday Night Live to give his take on his situation. I didn’t learn anything new but it was funny. 

Mr. Romney, please don’t get rid of Big Bird. Even I watched Big Bird as a child. My children and students also watched him on Sesame Street. I still make reference to Sesame Street when I talk about flow charts, like what comes next. You know Sesame Street is where you first learn sequence. Flow charts are great graphic organizer for history. Watching the debate was homework. I never heard such uproar over a debate. Watching the debate was a good way to learn about the election process. 

I like Big Bird too but I would like to keep him and Sesame Street around.

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