Wednesday, July 18, 2012

May’s Water Ice

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When we had the first heat wave back in March, I stopped at May’s Water Ice for a nice cold one. From all the basic flavors, honeydew stood out. Honeydew water ice, never heard of it. Now it’s my favorite, refreshing and not too sweet. Honeydew water ice is the perfect summer treat. Monday was my second time stopping at May’s for another cool honeydew treat. 
Honeydew water ice (pictured on Facebook)
With all the heat waves, May’s should be packed with customers. Fran May says, “We are a victim of the economy.” May’s has been around since 1947. The business was started by the grandparents of the May’s brothers, Fran and Kevin. Fran said he has been working in the business for 50 years and his brother Kevin for 48 years. They were born in the business. The brothers remembered when their Hoagie shop was across the street but 291 forced them out. The abandon building is still there today. 

May’s is a great place to get your water ice. Kevin said I missed out on the Bahama Mama flavor. They won’t have it for another few weeks because of the different flavors, it is so expensive to make. Okay, I will stop by again to try that flavor and watermelon. Fran says, “We don’t make the best but we haven’t found anybody that makes it better.” Well Fran, right now you make the best water ice for me. 

Hey, another hot day, stop by May’s for some refreshing water ice.


May’s is located at 
528 W 2nd St.
(2nd & Parker St., Rt. 291)
Chester, PA 19013

(610) 872-6940
Monday-Friday, 10-5pm
Saturday-Sunday, 10-3pm
Find them on Facebook

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