Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chester Clippers Bo Ryan comes Home

University of Wisconsin Men’s Basketball Coach Bo Ryan came for a visit to the Chester Boys and Girls Club. Bo was a Biddy League player as a youngster. Players got the chance to meet Bo Ryan who gave over 300 league shirts honoring his Father 's name Butch Ryan who was one of Chester Biddy League first coaches during the 60's. Bo gave a great pep talk to the players and showed us some of his basketball skills.

The game I saw, Top Notch went up against Chester Pride and won 32 to 26. These guys can play. Great game! 

Update from Chris Dorsey

The Senior Division Championship was won by Team Top Notch which is based out of Holy City.

The Junior Division Championship was won by Team Palace who defeated Har-Pat.

Thanks Chris!

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