Sunday, November 1, 2015

Chester’s Homecoming Game

Huge Crowd at the game with one football alum wearing his jacket that reads 2008 Del Val Champs. We can do it again, eventually.
Saturday, October 31, 2015, Chester’s black and orange colors blended in well on this Halloween day; a nice day for football with crisp autumn weather.  A huge alumni fan based turned out for the game. It was also senior day with Edward Nelson, Jr.  and Briana Walker of STEM being crowned King and Queen. Chester took on Academy Park and did not score until the last quarter of the game losing 26 to 8. But we can’t be too hard on the Clippers; one of their players was hit by violence on Friday. I’m sure there was a lot of concern surrounding that. We wish him well. 
 Chester vs. Academy Park, losing 26-8
Cheyney Marching Band performing at half-time. Superintendent, Gregory Shannon, said he wanted to get the games back to the way it used to be. Close but I think we need the Chester High School Marching Band back. I hear them drumming loudly during practice. They sound good. They must can perform for us. 
Tom Tom walking his dog during half-time.

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