Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rappers can’t Sing?

CBS Picture of Swift and LL Cool J at the Grammy Concert

Would you believe the Grammy’s had a nomination concert? I just happened to catch it. Nominees for the 55th annual Grammy Awards were announced last Wednesday night in a concert. I thought it was weird but it might have been a good idea. I thought the Grammy’s aired early and didn’t know about it. The weirdest part was when co-hosts Taylor Swift and LL Cool J opened the show by switching roles. Swift did a beat-box version of her hit song "Mean." Swift actually did a good beat-box. But when LL Cool J admitted he could not sing and sang anyway, he missed the mark. Hey, I like LL Cool J. He can act and he can rap. With all the money he made rapping, he could have taken singing lessons by now. If rappers are out there on stage, they should know how to sing too. I didn’t stick around to watch the rest of the show. The 55th Grammy Awards will air February 10, 2013 at 8pm on CBS. 

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List of Rappers who can sing

Queen Latifah
Hmmm? Sorry, can’t think of anymore.