Saturday, April 2, 2016

Chester Girls Basketball Team Working Hard On and Off the Court

Youth InterLock Society GIRLS HS BASKETBALL TEAM Press Release

Youth Interlock Society High School Girls Basketball Team took time out of their spring break to help the homeless population in downtown Chester. Through fundraising and donations the girls along with their coaches and parents were able to provide food, beverages, and toiletries.

The mission of Youth Interlock Society since its inception in 1978 has been to focus on academic enrichment and college preparedness. Youth Interlock Society is not an AAU club. It is a youth organization consisting of an academic enrichment program and athletic program that includes AAU competition.

This team is the first high school girls travel team in Chester in over 5 years. The development of this current team led by Coach Dejuana Mosley is unique in its design to not only focus on athletics, but also academics, service, and character building. Coach Mosley is the Junior Varsity Coach at Chester High School who is volunteering her time during the off season to coach the girls for tournament competition and college preparedness. Mosley knows all too well what it takes to obtain and maintain a college scholarship. She is a graduate of Chester High School and attended Lincoln University on a full academic and athletic scholarship.

One of the goals for the team is character building. Mosley has seen players with great talent not achieve any success. Her hope is to develop positive attitudes in her players that will transcend into a strong work ethic on and off the court. The lessons the girls are learning will ultimately improve their academics, sports, their respect for themselves, peers, and their elders.

This season the girls will be training for and competing in College Showcase Tournaments. Along with their rigorous basketball schedule they will also develop and facilitate monthly service projects. Also prepare for the SAT, and develop plans to be NCAA eligible for collegiate basketball.

When Mosley was thanked and praised for her efforts by a parent she said “People Did it For Me, It's Only Right”. Youth Interlock Society is a 501 C3 nonprofit organization. Anyone wishing to provide assistance to the team in their fundraising efforts for tournaments of service projects please contact Coach Dejuana Mosley (610)656-0257.

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