Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chester Baseball at Penn Wood Game Play by Play Highlights

Report by Kesahn Long and Cameron Thompson

Chester bats first being the opposing away team. Leading off was Jose Cruz, #9 short stop. He grounds a shot to the short stop but he couldn’t make the play which gave Jose Cruz a lead off single. Next up to bat was Cameron Thompson, #1 the center fielder. He first takes a strike as a low outside curveball. Next he swings and fouls off a fastball but the umpire calls a catcher’s interference and he gets a free single. With two people on bases, Tyrone Johnson, #23 the right fielder, bats next. He faces a 2-1 count and the pitcher delivers a fastball right over the plate. He crushes the fastball to left field over the out-fielder’s head and brings in Jose Cruz and Cameron Thompson crediting him two RBIs and a double. Angel, #15 pitcher, hits a ball deep right, brought one RBI. Pete, #18 first baseman, hit a single. Wayne Gibbs, 3rd baseman, single which caused him a out but got Pete to 2nd. Will, #7 leftfield, was struck out. Kesahn Long, #10 catcher, hit a single. Then Jesus Boneu hits a double which gets Kesahn to 3rd. Siezar comes to run for Kesahn and scores when Jose Cruz hits a ball through 2nd and short stop. After the first 2 innings Chester held a lead of 9 and at bottom 6 ended game 19-7 beating Penn Wood by 12.

Highlight by players:
Jose Cruz, pitched a shutout and scored with 2 stolen bases.
Tyrone Johnson scored with 3 stolen bases.
Kesahn Long catches and made sure the team knew what was going on at all times with 2 stolen bases.
Will, 4 stolen bases and scored
Pete, 2 stolen bases scored
Jesus Boneu made plays and 2 stolen bases
Cameron Thompson, 6 stolen bases and scored
Gibby scored and made plays
Angel Melecio infield homerun and pitched an amazing 4 innings.
Overall Score 19-7
The whole team played a good game and we kept encouraging each other.

Record 1-3

Upcoming games
4/11/14 Away at Chichester
4/14/14 Home with Academy Park
4/15/14 Away at Interboro

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