Sunday, October 30, 2016

High School Students Engineering Mousetrap Competition

Chester, Pa. – Nearly 300 students from the mid-Atlantic region are set to square off at Widener University in a competition requiring creative design, careful planning, and – a mousetrap. Sponsored by Widener’s School of Engineering, the challenge requires students to build a vehicle that will be powered by ONLY a mousetrap.

The student teams from regional high schools were sent a common design problem and set of vehicle specifications. They have all been encouraged to “think” like practicing engineers, using the guidelines to plan and implement a competitive vehicle design. Competition participants will be using Victor brand wooden mouse snap traps in order to create mouse trap-powered devices at the event.

The high school teams from the region will gather at Widener’s Schwartz Athletic Center on Wednesday, November 2 to compete against each other to see whose design has the most – creativity, functionality, and can go the furthest using just a mousetrap as power.

The final competitive round will take place around 11 a.m., but students will begin competing as early as 10 a.m.

This is a great way to highlight students being innovative in science at an event that has been taking place for 34 years offered by one of the oldest engineering programs.

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