Tuesday, December 15, 2015

French Professor Dr. Stephanie Schechner Lectures Chester High School French Students on Impressionism

Chester High School French Teacher Ivuoma Mbadiwe and Widener University French Professor Dr. Stephanie Schechner (pictured to the right) accompanied by three Widener University students (left to right) Aniska Solomon, Djene Sylla, and Ndobolo Bukasa 

French Professor Dr. Stephanie Schechner from Widener University made a visit to Chester High School (CHS) today to speak with students taking French 2 from teacher Ivuoma Mbadiwe. Dr. Schechner was there to give a lesson on Impressionism, an art movement that originated in France in the 19th Century. She showed students images from a variety of painters (Cezanne, Manet, Degas, Monet, Morisot) and talked about what this particular form of art is all about and combined it with a hands-on art activity that allowed students to take some of the principles of Impressionism to either create a work of art using craft supplies or create a new work of art that uses the principles.

CHS French students are no strangers to Widener University, thanks to Dr. Schechner and her Department. Dr. Schechner first reached out to CHS French Department in 2014 and then in December 2014 she came to CHS to meet the students. In March 2015, Dr. Schechner invited them over to Widener University.
Last year when students visited Widener they saw Au Revoir les Enfants (movie about WWII) followed by a discussion of the movie. This year, Dr. Schechner came to the students for this program on Impressionism. Next year, they are thinking head to watching a movie titled La Haine (Hatred) which explores hatred in all its many forms.    

Banner made by Ms. Carlton, the Art teacher for the event entitled, "PAINTING WITH A TWIST".  The twist was the baguette, grapes, croissant, cheese, and sparkling cider that were served. 

The students were excited about the event and looked to continue working with Dr. Schechner to create their own "Impressionist work of art".

Students' Impressionist art work

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