Sunday, March 30, 2014

Arizona vs. Wisconsin

Wisconsin head coach and Chester native Bo Ryan celebrates after cutting down the net after his team’s 64-63 overtime Saturday. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

The game between Arizona and Wisconsin was super competitive. Although I did not have any stake in the game, it was fun to watch two Chester greats compete, Bo Ryan and Rondae Jefferson. Team Bo and team Rondae was all in fun. There were other people on each team involved in the competition.  Those 3 pointers on either side was jaw dropping. These guys can play basketball. The game was amazing. But in the end only one team can win the battle. Wisconsin won by 1 point, 64-63, over Arizona in overtime. I was on team Rondae hoping for a win. I was a little sad but not enough to start a riot. Coach Ryan was very eloquent in his interview after the game when he spoke of his father’s passing and what it meant for him to win. This was coach Ryan’s first time, with his team, in the final four and he has been at this a long time. Jefferson is young. He still can make it to the final four and beyond. Jefferson did a great job in Arizona for his first year. Congrats to coach Ryan and great job to both teams. More about the game Here   

This one game serves as an example that a lot of talented people comes out of Chester.

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