Saturday, June 15, 2013

Community Leadership Institute Grass Root efforts in Chester

Community Leadership Institute: Wade King, Rev. Richard Dalton, Darren Laws, Andrew Brazington, and Pastor Keith Collins
There was a follow up meeting on June 14th from the Cornel West visit on May 16th, 2013. The meeting was to continue the grass root efforts of the Community Leadership Institute (CLI). Of the many people who attended the Cornel West event, 18 people came to the follow up meeting to offer support. Everyone had the opportunity to speak and to share what they would like to have accomplished in the City of Chester. 

The purpose of the group is to meet once a month to come up with suggestions, creative ideas, and new outlooks that could bring social and economic change from the poor to low income grass root communities in Chester. The group will also suggest new approaches for changing Chester's neighborhoods. The focus is on the youth, returning citizens, families, and economic development. CLI will take the ideas and suggestions and write grants and grass root programs for different groups, based on the suggestions and ideas. CLI will also provide the monthly topic for the THINK TANK to draft ideas and come up with possible solutions for positive change. 

This is a Chester grass roots effort for peace, collaboration, love, and unity.  According to Reverend Richard Dalton, President and founder of the Community Leadership Institute, “America is in crisis…We’ve got to make this thing happen.”

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