Friday, May 17, 2013

Cornel West in Chester

Cornel West Up Close

Dr. Cornel West appeared in Chester at the St. Luke’s Christ Community Church on May 16th, 2013. His visit was brought to a packed audience by The Community Leadership Institute, Rev. Richard Dalton, The Church of the Overcomer’s Pastor Keith Collins, The Mission, Mr. Darren Laws, and St. Luke’s Pastor George Anderson. The purpose of the visit according to Rev. Dalton was for us to “come together to put aside our differences…There is great leadership in Chester only if we can come together.” Pastor Collins said he “Wants the event to empower us to touch each other.” And Mr. Laws said the event was “About all of us coming together and giving back.” A host of Chester dignitaries were there including Chester’s Mayor Linder who spoke about the recent visit with Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. Dr. West gave an outstanding speech. A tape of the event will be available soon. Dr. West was given the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Social Justice award.

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