Friday, April 12, 2013

Chester High School Mock Interviews for Seniors

Chester High School Library: (dsbpix)
In a Mock interview with Richard Granberry and Interviewer Shayna Israel from the University of Pennsylvania, Ms. Israel asked, “What can you do besides basketball?” Mr. Granberry quickly replied that he had experience in Culinary Arts. In fact, the Culinary Arts program provided the buffet breakfast and lunch for the event.

Chester High School held a day long Mock interview on April 11th set up to sharpen interview skills of the graduating senior class. The mock interviews were organized by partners on the planning committee of the Chester Business Association, Chester Youth Collaborative, Chester Education Foundation, and City of Chester Workforce Development. Mock interviewers represented organizations from the area. Students were interviewed one on one, as if they were actually interviewing for a job. Each student provided a resume and was interviewed up to 10 minutes. Following the interview, students received immediate feedback on what they did well and what they needed to improve, including tips for their resume. The mock interview will also be used in the student’s final grade. 

Everyone was professional. The interviews went well. Nefetaria Yates from the Chester Workforce Development Center said she received positive feedback from businesses and pronounced the event a success. 

Pictures from the event:
The event included a Workshop

Companies at the Event
A. T. Lord’s & Company
Entrepreneur Works
Philadelphia Union
Delaware County College
Beneficial bank
U.S department of Labor
Chester Arts Live
Office of the District Attorney
Industrial Investments, Inc.
T Frank McCalls
Widener University
Choices charter School
Navmar Applied Sciences Corp.
State Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland’s Office
Binnacle Reinvestment Group, Inc.
Zommick McMahon Commercial Real Estate, Inc.
Delaware County Literacy Council
HCS of Delaware Valley
Star Vista Enterprises, LLC
Advanced Enviro Systems
Muhammad Tax Service
Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union
K.P. Barrow Reality
City of Chester
Harrahs TD Bank
Charter Initiates
Bryn Mawr Trust
Community Light and Sound
Chester Upland School District

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