Saturday, February 2, 2013

“Boomtown”: A History of Chester, PA

I started off Black History month by showing this video of Chester History. The History of Chester Course was created a few years ago at Chester High School and the Boomtown video was shown as a part of the curriculum. Although the course is not being offered currently, the video always gets good responses. I am thankful to the people who participated in the video and people who created the video. Chester continues to make improvements and is on its way to become a “Boomtown” again.
Written and directed by Woodwyn Koons
Executive Director: Nikki Panico
Produced by Dmitri Siegel
Cameraman: Ron Starr
Edited by Quetzal Aguilar
Collaborative Partners: Widener University Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology, Senior Community Services, and Chester Senior Center
Please watch the end of the video for all the features and credits.


  1. The J. Lewis Crozer Library also has this film available to borrow free of charge with your library card. You can request it from your computer at or call (610) 494-3454. It's a terrific film full of great Chester historical details.

  2. Thanks for sharing Kim. It's good to know this information.