Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ten Reasons Why President Obama Won the Election

What was all that fuss about during the election? It was about wooing the undecided voters. The electoral map was firmly in place for the democrats and the republicans. The electoral map looks the same four years ago as it did for the recent election for red states and blue states. 
1. The first debate:Bruce Springsteen says at Obama campaign rally that the first debate ‘Really Freaked Me Out’.” No kidding, we were all freaked out. The “Lackluster” performance by President Obama actually motivated me to do something. Before the debate, the only thing I planned on doing for the Presidential Election was go into the booth and vote. But that first debate sent complacent voters into action. Voters and President Obama and his team who took winning for granted found out they had to do something, fight for the undecided voters. I had no plans to put anything political on this blog or Facebook but I found myself posting about the election. To be honest with you I think someone on his team advised him poorly. The Team may have suggested a sedate approach so as not to give an appearance of “the angry black man.” But Obama angry? No way! Supporters were looking for spirited.  

2. Labels: Democrats or Republicans already knew who they were voting for. The people who do not fit the labels but were not undecided had already decided on which candidate to vote for. 47% was already on board.

3. Horses and Bayonets: So funny, I’m still laughing. Turns out that the military still has horses and bayonets but apparently less of them than ships and submarines or maybe the military don’t use them as much anymore, go figure. 

4. Hurricane Sandy: Obama looked Presidential.

5. Governor Christie: High praise for Obama. Obama looked Presidential.

6. Mitt Romney: In debate number #3, he said more than once that Obama was attacking him. The man never got out of his chair. No angry Black man here! 

7. Women and Binders: And a lot more women’s issues that the Romney team could not relate to. Wouldn’t you rather have a First Lady that was more independent minded than submissive when it comes to women’s issues? 

8. Big Bird: Really

9. Me (No labels) and all his supporters, labels or not:  Call us Americans. We just want to pick the right person for the job.

10. Obama: The man still got it!