Tuesday, November 6, 2012

10 Reasons to Vote Election Day

I exercised my right to vote this morning. I went with my youngest son who is a first time voter. We went nearby to his old elementary school. As we waited in line to vote, he said, “This place seems so much smaller.” I said, “Yes, because you are so much bigger.” At over 6 feet tall now, he was just a little guy when he went to school there. This little school has been my polling place and now it is his. I introduced him to our local representative who was greeting voters. I know I won’t need to accompany him to vote at every election but casting that first vote is very special to me. 

As you go out to vote today consider these 10 reasons:
1. The 15th Amendment
2. The Voting Rights Act
3. The Marches
4. The Speeches
5. The Water Hoses
6. The Beatings
7. The Lock Ups
8. The Deaths
9. The Picture ID
10. The Inspiration for a new generation

Show someone the way. Exercise your right to vote!

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