Monday, September 26, 2011

Greetings from the Frederick Douglass Christian School

Principal Patricia L. Vallot shares the Good News about Frederick Douglass Christian School located at the World Impact, 700 Central Ave. Chester, PA 19013:

First, we have now added a fifth grade class.  Both students and parents are delighted.  We are about to accept a volunteer sewing teacher to impart sewing skills to the fifth graders on high quality sewing machines.

We now have a full time physical education teacher.  She is experienced and outstanding with elementary school children.

This year, we are partnering with Goshen Friends School, which we are calling "The Friendship Project" in order to unite our urban setting school with a suburban school.  A couple of activities are planned.

Finally, our new dentist office is under construction and will be opening soon for those who need dental care in this community.  The office will be located on the lower level of the school.

Our Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is working on several fundraisers for this year. Shalonda Tate, president, has several new ideas in mind to benefit the students of FDCS, including a school wide field trip.

The Frederick Douglass Christian School is off to a good start this school year! Thanks for sharing the Good News. And keep up the wonderful work.

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