Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chester Upland School District Convocation

Keynote Speaker Gwen Smith, President of Springfield Hospital and Vice President of Crozer Keystone Health System (dsbpix)

Chester Upland School District held its annual Convocation on September 1, 2011. Staff was welcomed back to the district by Superintendent Dr. Joyce Wells and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Dexter Davis. This year’s Convocation was held at the modern Science and Discovery & Allied Health High School Auditorium. The Convocation was a much toned down event from previous years. It was kept simple but had its usual acknowledgement of staff and schools. Some staff was recognized for having over 90% rate of attendance to other staff having perfect attendance. Columbus Elementary School met 60% of the AYP targets; Main Street Elementary School met 76% of the AYP targets; Toby Farms Elementary School met 76% of the AYP targets; The Village at Chester Upland met 71% of the AYP targets; Crozer Allied Health met 64% of its AYP targets; Chester High School met 69% of its AYP targets; and Science and Discovery met 8% of its AYP targets for 2010-11. Toby Farms, Stetser, and CUSA are listed as AYP schools. Visit each individual school’s website for highlights of reading and mathematics achievement at each grade level. 

The Keynote Speaker was Gwen Smith, President of Springfield Hospital and Vice President of Crozer Keystone Health System. Ms. Smith is a three times graduate of Wilmington University in the Health Care field and a graduate of the University of Delaware in nursing. Her degrees include RN, CCRN, CNA, MBA, MS, MSM but she speaks proudly of her time as a Chester High School Student. Gwen Smith is a 1974 graduate of Chester High School. She has scores of professional affiliations and is involved in community service with local organizations. Ms. Smith continues her involvement in the Mentoring Program for the Health Academy at the high school level in Chester and Chester Education Foundation which she started in 1994. In her speech she told the audience, “You have the potential to achieve whatever you want.”…”don’t be discouraged be encouraged,”…”We need to get our community actively involved in our children.” Gwen Smith received a Certificate of Appreciation from the school district.

The Superintendent reverberated the many changes in the district but also encouraged staff as well. Dr. Wells ended the Convocation with the motivational spiritual, “Smile” by Kirk Franklin. The music was right on time. The song has been my favorite for weeks. Hopefully, the song will be a source of encouragement as we go through this school year.

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