Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chester High School Class of 1977 Cabaret

Class of "77" (dsbpix)

The Class of 1977 brought it last night at the cabaret held at the Leake Center in Chester. I am not of this graduating class but there was fun time to be had at the all white event for the class of "77". They actually got me to line dance. I’m much more of a free styler but I was doing my usual thing too. 

Organizer Karen Miah dressed in white in front with fellow organizers (dsbpix)

Having a good time just could not be helped when there are good music, nice, and friendly people.  I already knew a few people and I got a chance to meet some more from the class of ‘’77”. 

Class of 1977 Pamela Sellers and Gretchen Womack (dsbpix)

Thanks Class of 1977 for letting me crash your party. Enjoyed your Cabaret!!!

Della Beaver (dsbpix)  

I was not the professional photographer but thanks to him for letting me use his space to take a couple pictures. 

Farela Howie (dsbpix)


  1. Donna,

    It was great to meet you and thanks for the great pictures:)


  2. You are welcome Della. It was great meeting you too.

  3. Look at Aunt Gretch!!! them Taylor girls' still got it :0