Thursday, July 14, 2011

UAGTCA 2011 Youth Invitational at Widener University

The United Age Group Track Coaches Association (UAGTCA) Youth Invitational was brought to my attention by my son Brandon. He is participating in the High Jump, Long Jump, and the 100 meters. He just graduated from high school where he was on the track team. While he waits to go off to college this fall, he wants to keep up with his track training so he will be ready for track on the college level. So after asking him some basic questions, he referred me to the website. I went online to do my research. I was amazed at the information I found out.

The UAGTCA is a United Way Agency. The UAGTCA, founded in 1977, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of young athletes through the sport of track & field. They have over 32 years of continuous service to the Track & Field Community. Their slogan is "Where Youth Athletes are our ONLY concern". Each year the UAGTCA sponsors several Indoor & Outdoor Track and Field Meets. These meets are directed primarily towards Youth athletes, in some meets, however, they run an Open division in each of the offered events in support of many Alumni.

The UAGTCA is the ‘Brainchild’ of George Anderson, founder of the Mallery Challengers Track Club and a supervisor at the Mallery Recreation Center. The organization was started to allow Philadelphia area athletes to compete effectively by eliminating the great travel distances in order to participate in competitions that could very easily be conducted in their local area. They have grown from modest meets averaging between 200 - 300 athletes to now drawing more than 1,000 athletes to developmental meets and athletes from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and New York compete on a weekly basis. “The Philadelphia area athletes no longer suffer the expense and inconvenience of exhaustive travel.  They are now the hosts and enjoy the benefits of great local meets with excellent competition.  The UAGTCA has seen the growth and development of many fine athletes and lists, a virtual who’s who, of track and field stars amongst its alumni.” 

The UAGTCA continued to enhance its’ reputation for staging quality competitions by hosting the 1981 TFA/USA National Age-Group Championship and the 1985 *TAC National Age Group Championship.  The UAGTCA was one of the first youth groups to use a computerized system to score a major competition and also offers high school and non high school aged athletes an opportunity to post their athletic resumes free online on their local database where they can be viewed by potential college recruiters. The UAGTCA has become a recognized leader in youth meet organization.

The UAGTCA will be hosting the 2011 UAGTCA Youth Invitational at Widener University
Leslie C. Quick Stadium, One University Place, Chester, Pennsylvania 19013 on July 15-17, 2011. This is good opportunity to share in my son’s interest. UAGTCA Director Ron Jackson said there will be Chester students participating as well in the competition. 

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UAGTCA 2011 Youth Invitational coming to Widener University

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