Monday, July 4, 2011

City of Chester 4th of July Walk/Run

I went for a walk with the City of Chester this morning. It certainly was a beautiful day to participate in the 2 mile walk or run. According to Donna Davis, the event organizer, the walk on the 4th started 11 years ago to bring “unity to the community”. Back then the walk started at the YWCA and ended at Chester Park. Now the event has progressed to the waterfront.

Here are some pictures of people who came out for a walk or run. A video of the event will be posted later. 

Mayor of the City of Chester Wendell Butler
Senator Dominic F. Pileggi one of the event sponsors
Councilman John Linder registering for his run
The National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa and the Xinos & Kudos helping with the registration
Leslie and Thriller
Wide Body Social Club
Athletic Director Randy Legette and Associate Principal Art Henry of Chester High School

Walkers wore Blue
Runners wore Red
Runners who Won
Jay the oldest Male Runner to Win
Marylin the oldest female Runner to Win
The Youngest Walkers to Win
Walkers who Won
Oldest Walker to Win

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