Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chester Children’s Chorus Summer Concert

Chester Children's Chorus
When I read in the Spirit that the Chester Children’s Chorus was having a free summer concert at Swarthmore College, I knew I had to go see them perform. I am so glad I did. The concert was fantastic. This was the best time I have had at a concert. The voices and the music were out of this world. It is so easy for me to run out of wonderful descriptive words to describe this chorus because they are just that good.

Featured music from the Lion King, Other Disney tunes, and Gospel

When I walked into the Lang Music Center, I walked up and introduced myself to Andrea Knox the Managing Director. After a brief conversation, she ushered me into the concert hall and gave me a seat up front. Andrea said that every January and February Director John Alston auditions second grade children from area schools in Chester to join the chorus. “For 17 years, the Chester Children’s Chorus has inspired children from Chester, Pennsylvania, to make wonderful music.”

Director John Alston

“Every song tonight took 4 weeks of work,” said John Alston. To learn all those songs in that short time was amazing. The children were extremely musically talented. I watched as children entered the room like children normally would. After briefly being settled by their director, they got right to work and turned out a brilliant performance. John Alston was lively and animated in his direction of the chorus. He was definitely humorous in his presentation which made the concert experience even better.

After the concert I overheard this comment, “I feel my life was a waste when I watch things like this.” I had to speak with the commenter. Guy Smith, a Lawyer from Media, said he grew up in Chester. He is in his sixties. He explained that he thought his life was a waste because he never tried anything as wonderful as learning to sing like the Chester Children’s Chorus. The concert was very uplifting. I loved it, loved it, loved it!

The Chester Children’s Chorus will be performing again on Saturday, July 30 at 8:00 pm. It’s free. You might just see me there again. Next week Tuesday, August 2, 1:45 pm, CCC Dancers will Salute Mama Africa at Lang Concert Hall. Admission is free.  For other upcoming events check out their website:

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The concert hall was packed. Try to get there early.

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