Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chester 2011 District 1 Champions

Congrats! The hand shake at the end
Congrats by Superintendent Dr. Joyce Wells
Clippers getting the medals from Dr. Wells
Moe with the trophy
Final Score
The Clippers in a game with Council Rock North won the District 1 Championship last night at Villanova University. Chester won 66 to 43 in a hard fought game from Council Rock. Chester simply wore Council Rock out in the end.

Chester had a 1 point lead in the first quarter by 18-17 in a spirited game with Council Rock. In the second quarter, Chester’s lead would increase by only 3 points, 30-27 with lots of scrambling for the ball. After half-time, Chester picked up the pace a little bit more but the game was close with plenty of spills for the ball. In the third quarter, Chester stepped their game up with a 17 points lead, 55-38. I was looking for a 20 points lead but had to settle for the 17 points. I was just not happy until there was a comfortable lead although this was a pretty good spread in points. In the fourth quarter, the Clippers blew their 17 points lead down to 12 points, going to 55-43. Chester inched back up 60-43 with minutes to go in the game. Fans hoped that Chester would spread the floor out so Council Rock would come and get them as the clock ran out. Fans didn’t want Chester to lose anymore leads to end the game. Final Score Chester 66 to 43.

Congratulations to the Chester Boys Clippers Basketball team. Great Job! Great season! And still more to come on the way to the state championship, Chester will play Dallastown next Saturday in Norristown.

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  1. Congrats on the District Championship win over Council Rock North this past week, next it's the State Championship "I hope".

  2. Even though I wasn't at the game I know it was a succesful one. Chester High is stepping their game up with every success whether in sports or academics.

  3. I am glad they can more on. That's the first time they won in three years. Good luck ya'll at states.


  5. Congrats to the basketball team!!! Their excellence throughout the year has officially paid off. The hard work and practice has shown that they are definitely capable of going even further.

  6. I would like to say congratulations to the Clippers. Keep up the good work because we are counting on all of you.

  7. Congratulation to the Clippers. Good Luck in the next games.

  8. I Was At The Game, It Was Hype And Wild. We Had An Amazing Run In The 3rd Quarter when Moe Went 7 for 7. Good Luck To The Clippers And I Hope We Win States!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I was at the game Friday night. The Game was wild and fun. We had an AWESOME 3rd Quarter. Moe 3 pointers was on point..GOOD LUCK to CHS CLIPPERS...I'll be there to CHEER yall on for the WIN in STATES.

  10. Go Clippers yall did yall thing on the court as yall should congratulation to the whole team...keep up the good work yall almost there yall we got this 2011 is yall years!!!

  11. Congratulations Clippers on winning the District Championship. Looking forward on yall doing the same in States.