Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rotary Club Student of the Month

Jasmine Barksdale, Dominic Pileggi, Andrew Davis, & Louise Burroughs
Students of the Month
Dr. Cavin with October's Student of the Month Jasmine Barksdale
Dr. Cavin with November's Student of the Month Andrew Davis
The Rotary Club held their luncheon today in the beautiful Cove Restaurant at Harrah’s Casino in Chester. We were greeted by past President and current Secretary Dr. Alonzo Cavin, Professor of Widener University.  The current President is Louise Burroughs. Special guest speaker was State Senator Dominic Pileggi who spoke about Pennsylvania’s current political status and took questions.

The purpose for our attendance was the recognition of Chester High Schools best students for Student of the Month. Jasmine Barksdale was recognized as Student of the Month for October. She is an honor student in the 12th grade. She is an active participant in the school with involvement in the Key Club and Rotary Club. She has already been accepted into Widener University School of Nursing. Andrew Davis was recognized as Student of the Month for November. He is an honor student in the 12th grade.  He is also an active participant in the school with involvement on the track team, Key Club, and Rotary Club. They are both active in Community Service in Chester. They were accompanied by Donna Scott-Brown, Rotary Club Advisor for Chester High School. We are looking forward to other honor students who are actively involved in school and the community to be recognized by the Rotary Club of Chester.

Thank you Rotary Club of Chester. We enjoyed the luncheon and the recognition today. Rotary members are indeed making a difference in the community.    


  1. I think that the Rotary Club seems like a good thing I'm thinking about joining the club myself.

  2. I Think That Thats A Good Club To Be In And It Must Be A Honor To Keep Up And Really Go For Your Future. I Think That This Passage Is Very Interesting.

  3. I think that was a good way to show your thanks. Those students that put foward all of their work and time to get good grades and to take care of the world they live on. I also think that was a nice way to show others what thay can do in school and for their world. If all of as put all the time we use doing nothing but games and sort, we do not even see what the world is coming to. All the pollution we let out to the world, the way we just do not keep about where we put our trash. We need people that are like these students. Then we all can help care for the world we live on.

  4. I think that is a good thing because they got student of the month. I wish I had student of the month.

  5. I think that it is a good thing that somebody was acknowledged as student of the month. The people who deserve things like this should always get acknowledged. There are many students who deserve awards for their acheivements.