Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Farewell for Zion

Zion's mother Nailla participating in ceremony
Nearly two weeks have passed since the brutal slaying of Zion Abdullah on his way to school. Last week he was laid to rest. Today on the last day of school for students at Chester High School students, staff, teachers, and administrators bid farewell to Zion in a balloon releasing ceremony as his mother Nailla and other family members looked on. The ceremony organized by retiring English teacher Myra Lineberry said she wanted to send students off for the summer on a good note. The message was clear and touching as Head Football Coach LaDontay Bell said kind words about his fallen player. We had a moment of silence in remembrance of Zion. And the balloons were released. Someone in the background said, “This one hit home for us.” Zion had a warm, fun loving, in your face personality. We will miss him and the person he would have become. The event brought in donations of over $500 for his mother who also received hugs of support from several well-wishers. And those balloons someone noticed formed a perfect Z as the balloons transcended to the sky. 
 A hug from Coach Bell
A tribute for Zion

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