Saturday, November 5, 2016

Must Fight Boxer Quadir Albright represents U. S. A

Quadir Albright before the fight (dsbpix)

In a bout at the Clarion Hotel in Essington on Friday night, boxer Quadir Albright, age 17 and 141kg, representing the USA fought against Teo Allen, age 20 and 141kg, representing Ireland. This was an event put on by the Must Fight Boxing Club. There were 22 boxing matches for the night ranging from pee wee to heavyweight boxers including men and women.

Pep talk from trainer Dan Mullarkey (dsbpix)
Albright a welterweight boxer started boxing in 2012 at the West Philadelphia Cobbs Creek Recreation Center then later joined Must Fight Boxing Club in 2015 where he has been in training with Dan Mullarkey. Albright is in the 11 grade at Chester High School. After high school he is planning to continue the boxing profession. He plans to continue training for the 2020 Olympics. Albright said, “I feel as though it’s a great opportunity to travel the world and have fun while doing so.” 

After the fight (dsbpix)
Albright put on a good fight in the 3 rounds boxing match in a very close call for the win for his opponent. Although Albright was disappointed with the loss, he will continue to fight another day. See the You Tube video HERE

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