Friday, September 2, 2016

Widener and DCCC to Offer Culinary Course Together

Widener University’s Center of Hospitality Management Partners with
Delaware County Community College to Offer Culinary Courses

Chester, PA. -- Widener University’s Center for Hospitality Management has partnered with Delaware County Community College (DCCC) to offer students culinary courses on Main Campus.

The partnership welcomes Peter Gilmore, a world-renowned chef and program manager of the culinary arts at DCCC, to teach his intro to culinary course at Widener. Chef Gilmore has studied and worked in France and is most known for his contributions and service to Le Bec Fin, a former restaurant in Philadelphia. There will be one course this fall, with two courses in the spring of 2017.

The partnership will allow for a seamless transition for students into the Widener four-year program, after completing a two-year degree at DCCC. Widener students who have an interest in culinary arts will also be able to enroll in the culinary courses for elective credit

“It’s a great opportunity for two institutions to collaborate in various ways, from recruitment initiatives to new programming,” Dr. Joy Dickerson, associate dean of the Center for Hospitality Management, said. “We hope to provide a great experience for the DCCC students. It's also wonderful for the Widener students to have the opportunity to take a course under Chef Gilmore.”

Dickerson also hopes the partnership integrates the two student bodies for organizational activities to continue to strengthen the Center for Hospitality Management’s student clubs.

To learn more about the partnership, watch this video:

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