Sunday, May 8, 2016

The 2016 Law Day Exercises at the Historic Courthouse in Chester

(back left to right) Taylor Fullman, Stephon Young, Gregory Shannon, Andre Smith; (front left to right) Ciani Hodges, Alexis Lombard, and Daja Naylor (dsbpix)

This year’s Law Day exercises were stepped up a notch with the help of the Honorable Nathaniel C. Nichols of the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas. Judge Nichols has been a staple in presiding over the event in which Chester students argue a moot case. Judge Nichols along with the Associate Professor of Widener Law School Andre Smith, Law Students Taylor Fullman and Stephon Young assisted students Alexis Lombard and Daja Naylor from Chester High School and Ciani Hodges from Archbishop Carroll High School in preparing for the Case of J.D.B v North Carolina. 

The case involved a special education student who was taken from his classroom to a conference room where he was interviewed by a police juvenile investigator and three school personnel about neighborhood burglaries for which he was a suspect. The argument for counsels Lombard and Naylor and for the opposing counsel Hodges, the student was not offered his Miranda warnings or given the opportunity to speak to his guardian or told he was free to leave. “The lower court had held that JDB was not in custody and Miranda warnings were not required.” The court also held that his age was not relevant in determining the outcome of the case. 

Law Day exercises were concluded by the awesome musical selections of the Chester High School choir. The Old Court House in Chester was built in 1724. Judge Nichols pleaded for help to restore and preserve the historic site.
Law Day is supported by the Chester Community Improvement Project and the E. Wallace Chadwick Foundation. 

Law Day was also covered by the Delcotimes. Click Here to read the article
By Rick Kauffman, Law Day: Chester Upland students ‘try’ their best in court

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