Sunday, May 8, 2016

Delaware State University Commencement Ceremony

Congratulation to the 2016 graduates of the Delaware State University who braved the weather for the 125th anniversary! The rain held off until the middle of the conferring of the degrees but graduates were prepared and armed with ponchos to help keep them dry. Addressing the graduates was Vice President Joe Biden who was humorous and poignant in his speech. My presidential candidate who decided not to run, oh, well, maybe his sacrifice was for the first woman president. Biden calls DSU his home because of his long ties with the University. He said that this graduating class can change the trajectory of the nation. He told the graduates, “To be successful and happy you must be willing to risk failure.” And ended with this to the graduates, “You entered to learn now you have to go and serve! It’s your obligation.” 

I usually do not attend DSU graduations but I had an investment in this one which I am extremely proud. Ten years ago, Senator Biden at the time, spoke at my graduation from Widener University which makes a great connection to this graduation. 

There were also some Chester High School graduates coming out of this class as well. Remember John Parker, who a few class days back, went home with a large scholarship. He is in this graduating class. So again, congrats to all the grads of 2016! See the graduation video below or on DSU YouTube channel.

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