Sunday, February 28, 2016

CHAMP visits the Mentoring to Manhood program in Maryland

CHAMP & Mentoring to Manhood Programs

The Chester High Achievement Mentoring Program (CHAMP) traveled to the Kettering Middle School in Upper Marlboro, Maryland to participate in the Mentoring to Manhood Program where Executive Director Doan Johnson conducts a workshop every Saturday for young men. Johnson said, “The Mentoring for Manhood Program focuses on the three Cs, Character, Communication skills, and Career & College Prep.” The program includes 15 middle and high schools from the Prince George County area and 1 from Montgomery County. The workshop this week was about Financial Literacy, budgeting. Young men in the mentoring programs played an active role in the budgeting workshop. They were given a scenario to act out as adults with different careers. They were given a salary and had to spend the money they earned on housing, transportation, child care, utilities, shopping, cell phones, church offering, and entertainment. Depending on the career, some could budget money easily and others could not make ends meet. Based on the comments from the group, lessons learned: “life isn’t easy,” “kids cost too much,” “you got to invest in the right stuff,” and “if you are spending more than you are making, it’s not going to add up.” They learned how to save money and how to keep out of debt. 
Mentors from CHAMP & Mentoring to Manhood
CHAMP Mentor Mr. Carter helping members to budget
Above: Mentor Darren Laws with an autographed picture and letter from Kevin Durant. Below: CHAMP at a pick up game at Seat Pleasant Activity Center

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