Sunday, January 31, 2016

Chester High School Football Coach Tony Beaty retires again from coaching

Tony Beaty came out of retirement to coach the Chester High School Football team. Now he is going back into retirement to focus on his business endeavors. I received this information before the snow storm when he announced his intentions to the players. Beaty joined the team in 2014 and exclaimed that “It’s no longer a team, it’s a program.” His three goals were to improve the team by changing the culture, instilling more discipline, and winning Del Val. Beaty had a great rally in his first year as coach but with the best intentions faltered in the second year and left us at the end of this season with, “What happened?” Hey, nobody said it was easy to coach here. While his players respected the position, there was not so much for the coach himself. A little difficult to communicate with and a little intimidating, I reached out to others for my reports. So the bottom line here to, what happened to the team? Too many off the field issues killed them on the field. No need to mention all the issues here but one we are all aware of is the team being affected by gun violence. One of the players was injured before the home coming game. It is difficult to play under those conditions. On one occasion, Beaty said they left practice early because of shooting in the area. I saw that this deeply affected him. 

We wish Coach Beaty much happiness in his retirement from coaching. 

Links to what happened in Coach Beaty’s tenure:

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