Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Chester Business Association holds Mock Interviews for Chester High School

Eleventh grade student Wendell Floyd, Jr. shaking hands with Cory Long, Director of Community Development from Unity Center, Inc.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015, The Chester Business Association held its annual mock interviews at Chester High School. Mock interviews were primarily held to help sharpen the interview skills of the graduating senior class. The Eleventh graders were also invited this year. Representatives from TD Bank, City of Chester, PA Careerlink, Philadelphia Union, US Probation Office, Entrepreneur Works, Chester HA, and Kimberly-Clark acted as mangers, supervisors, or owners of businesses and interviewed students one at a time as if students were actually interviewing for a job. Interviewers spent about 10 minutes interviewing each student and provided feedback after the interview on what the student did well and what they needed to improve, including tips for their resume.

City of Chester, Nefetaria Yates
Philadelphia Union Foundation, Bill Reynolds
(Front) PA Careerlink, Jill Seaton; (Back) Chester Education Foundation, Elaine Green
City of Chester, Robert Wrease

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