Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Papal Visit to Philadelphia

Getty Images Pope Francis
I was in college when Pope John Paul II made his historic visit to Philadelphia. I saw some of his visit on TV but I have been watching more of the events during Pope Francis' visit to the United States. I remember where I was and the time when I heard Pope Francis was selected, hail came down from the sky. I have listened to Pope Francis' words. I believe him to be genuine and authentic. He was invited for the World Meeting of Families but he is also here to remind us of our Christianity and to give a boost to our faith. Checking all the news outlets, I found the best coverage came from Fios 1 news which created a special channel for the event. Fios news simply drowned out the excess noise so that you could listen more intently to the message. Pope Francis delivered profound messages at Independence Hall and at Sunday service. He is all inclusive of races and religion. He mentioned and prayed for others I never thought would come out of this trip. He has a lot to say about mankind what they do about the planet and how they treat each other. After a rigorous schedule and that concert especially on the Parkway, he deserves sainthood. He is very personable and shows compassion towards others. I'm not sure I needed 4 days to come to these conclusions. The school district took off Friday and Monday for the Pope's visit due to, what I was told, the 1 percent of Philadelphians that come to work here. They would have been either shut in or shut out because of all the road closures. Someone at the Chester vs. Bonner game on Saturday said we were on a "Popecation." Those days will be reportedly made up during Easter/Spring break. Another report was that Chester is an emergency route. I can understand if this is the case because normally any accident on the highway at the Kerlin Street exit usually sends a caravan of cars off the highway on to 9th Street via 291 route if you wanted to make it to work on time. This man undoubtedly has clout to shut things down. Common theme that came out of this visit is the Pope asking others to "Pray for me."

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