Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sons of Ben Offer Lunch to Chester High Staff

Bill Gusler, the Philanthropy Director for the Sons of Ben, visited Chester High School to offer a complementary lunch to the staff for their dedication during the current plight of the Chester Upland School District. He grew up in the area and wanted to reach out. Sons of Ben provide support to the local soccer community. They were part of a movement in the creation of the Philadelphia Union and the popular movie Sons of Ben. The group often provides charitable and philanthropic efforts to organizations. They recently held a one night campaign for the Bernardine Center in Chester to “Help Kick Hunger.” Gusler said, “We wanted to do what we can to help out within the city of Chester.” Staff was provided with a choice of turkey or vegetable hoagies with chips and apples from B & S in Chester. Thank you Sons of Ben!

 Sons of Ben Movie Trailer 

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