Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chester High School Basketball Game Opener

My Picture of the Chester High School Basketball Team

Both the Clippers JV and Varsity teams lost in their game opener Saturday night December 6th. The game was listed as the 2nd ANNUAL FRED PICKETT CLASSIC. So in this mini tournament Sanford (DE) also played Imhotep of Philadelphia in Chester. I saw the game but I did not commit the score to memory because I was waiting to see the Clippers play. The Clippers played George Washington from Philadelphia but nowhere on the list for the past few years have they played this team, must be a new thing. As you can see in the scores below the Clippers trailed each quarter but that did not mean it wasn’t an exciting game. I always enjoy watching the Clippers play. At this point, I don’t think they need to worry about George Washington.
1st:  13 CHS to 16 George Washington
2nd: 23 CHS to 29 George Washington
3rd: 38 CHS to 44 George Washington
4th: 53 CHS to 59 George Washington

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