Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chester Clippers Football vs. West Chester Henderson

Picture from game today (dsbpix)

Chester Football game opener with West Chester Henderson took place at home at the A-Field. West Chester Henderson usually wins the game as they did this time as well. Today W.C Henderson won 36 to 14 Chester.

History with W. C. Henderson
2013: W. C. Henderson won 41-6
Picture from game today (dsbpix)
2012: W. C. Henderson won 39-0
Picture from game today (dsbpix)
2011: W. C. Henderson won 42-6  
picture from game today (dsbpix)
If the goal was to improve, then Chester made an extra touchdown this year. Chester scored in the last quarter by making two touchdowns and a 2 points conversion. Typically, Chester does not score in the first 2 to 3 quarters; this should change. Chester should score earlier in the game to give them a better chance at getting a win. If another goal was not to fight during the game, then Chester was successful. West Chester Henderson was accused of unsportsmanlike conduct during the game but they did donate half the 50/50 chance won to Chester’s Athletics.

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