Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Testing, Testing, Testing

If you feel that you are being tested for just about everything, then you are probably right. One of my summer classes is on Assessment. I knew there were a lot of achievement tests. Taking this class confirmed that. Tests tell what we know or should know. If you think you are having a hard time passing an entrance exam, try passing this kindergarten test. Click here to take the test

To read this CNBC’s story “Can you pass this kindergarten entrance test?” And to find out how well you did compared to others Click Here  

I did well enough to get into Kindergarten but out of the 5 questions sampled, 1% had 0 answer right; 1% had 1 answer right; 4% had 2 answers right; 20% had 3 answers right; 34% had 4 answers right; and 40% had all 5 answers right. The sample questions were taken by 35,023 people so far. Not a scientific survey but nonetheless interesting. The Admission Assessment for Beginning Learners will replace a previous test for kindergarteners.

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